Camp Koinonia

ISBN: 9781632692429
Author: John Olt


He will cover you with his feathers, and under his wings you will find refuge; his faithfulness will be your shield and rampart. -Psalm 91:4 Responding to the Holy Spirit, Jake travels to Camp Koinonia to assist the ailing Mrs. Birmingham in rejuvenating her failed summer camp. Veteran camper Mindy arrived only days before. While a tornado rages through the campground, Mrs. Birmingham, Jake, and Mindy receive a word from the Lord. Their task will be to construct a safe haven for spiritually gifted youth who will bring comfort to the fallen world in the end times. Although puzzled by the prophecy, “On the day the cities are desolated, seek refuge under the Great Pine,” they pursue their task of preparing for the coming calamity. The next year, Jake and Mindy marry, but the call to search for their missionary colleague in Africa preempts their honeymoon. Encounters in Africa reveal a worldwide system of divinely orchestrated safe havens. Jesus has woven his faithful into these safe havens with a single thread, “Cling to the Lord. Let the Holy Spirit direct your path.” As Satan’s nuclear attack triggers a global massacre of God’s children, Jake, Mindy, and the campers disappear into their subterranean safe haven…

Retail Price: $19.99