Beyond Tomorrow

ISBN: 9781632691804
Author: Autumn Jackson


“He looked ahead and to his horror, the noose was beckoning him . . . ‘Any last words? Perhaps you would like to live. Tell us what we want to know! Who do you work for?'” The game of espionage is not played just to win or lose but to live or die. Unknowingly, Emily is a spectator in this game due to her husband, Jackson’s, life behind a mask during the Civil War. A double agent, Jackson does not realize how the game consumes him or how it takes a toll on his family. The stakes rise after his courier is caught. Now his family and he are in even more danger from both sides of the war. Jackson does not know who will be after him first. Still a spectator in Jackson’s game, Emily is forced to travel with her daughters across war-torn Virginia to Jackson’s aunt Almeda in Richmond. Facing hardship along the way, Emily puts her trust in God to help them. But Jackson left her with so many unanswered questions, and even Almeda has her secrets. What is Jackson’s role in the war? Will he escape? What is Almeda hiding and why does she sneak out at night? Will they ever be united as a family again or will the other players in Jackson’s game prevent a reunion?

Retail Price: $17.99