Beyond the Bridge of Time

ISBN: 9781632690173
Author: Leila Sommerfeld


Once upon an age, in the days before the Flood . . . Is it possible to find the ancient Garden of Eden and live to tell about it? Hadia believes it is. She has a secret map, guarded by every generation of her family since the time of Adam. When her father is brutally murdered by “Destroyers,” this headstrong young woman sets out to fulfill a tradition usually carried out by the eldest son. Her mission is two-fold: find Eden and take revenge on her father’s murderers. Accompanied by her sister Phares, her younger brother Levi, and Tobias-a young man who safeguards their way-Hadia discovers incredible wonders along the way, like hidden jewels and wild horses. She and her “Troop” also face terrifying dangers such as giants, dragon birds, sinkholes, and maneating plants. In addition, an evil presence haunts their path. Hadia begins to question her wisdom in embarking on such a dangerous journey. When the little band is rescued by three strangers who join their quest, Hadia encounters the unexpected: who is the young girl accompanying these men? Can she be her little brother’s long-lost twin sister? Traveling the trail to the Garden of Eden, the group forges new friendships, faces deadly enemies, and discovers that love, forgiveness, and hope have found their way into their hearts, changing them forever.

Retail Price: $19.99