Becoming A Steward Leader

ISBN: 9781606152188
Author: Tami Heim


MONEY. STEWARDSHIP. LEADERSHIP. How do they fit together? Becoming a Steward Leader explores what it means to go beyond prevailing paradigms on money and possessions to embrace a biblical view of stewardship. This book will fundamentally change the way you think, lead, and live. It will help leaders equip others to be rich towards God by living as biblical stewards. The experienced thought leaders who contributed to this book reflect on their life’s work in stewardship thinking and application. They share insights, counsel, concerns, and aspirations for the emerging generation of Christian leaders. • Discover the biblical understanding of a steward • Explore the U.S. history on stewardship thinking • Apply insights to become a steward leader • Overcome the god-like power of money • Embrace giving as an essential discipline of Christian living • Nurture and grow a donor’s heart of generosity • Engage the economy as a steward leader Becoming a Steward Leader advocates resource development as transformative ministry in the life of the giver, rather than as a transactional act aimed simply at acquiring funds. This book will help you to examine your heart motives and encourage others in their journey to become biblical steward leaders.

Retail Price: $16.99