As It Is In Heaven

ISBN: 9781632690364  
Author: Rick Brown


God has a plan for this earth, and you are a part of it-an intricate part. Sadly, many Christians feel they are wading through a continuous river of muck and mire as they carry on with their daily existences. Sure heaven is inevitable for believers, but how does knowing this help us live today? The key is in understanding why Jesus said, “”. . . as it is in heaven . . .”” (Matt. 6:10). Rick Brown dives deeply into a comparison between life on earth and life in heaven, revealing how to maximize our “”heavenly content””-the ever-deepening love in our hearts. He will show you: • Why and how the earth is a school ground on which we learn how heaven operates. • That learning how to walk in love is really learning about life in heaven. • Who our instructors on this earth are and what their “”heavenly”” teachings consist of. • That what we wear in the spiritual realm (our armor) is a dress rehearsal for our clothing in heaven. The principles of love are clearly laid out so that we can focus firmly on our walk with God. And our walk with God is what As It Is in Heaven is all about!

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