An Invitation to Die – A Woman’s Pursuit of Authentic Faith

ISBN: 9781632691910
Author: Marie Shull


Find an astonishing new life through death to your old self! An Invitation to Die is a call to discover what it means to live as an authentic disciple of Christ. This life-changing book first presents the story of the author’s own journey from feminism and shallow faith to being a passionate follower of Christ. Then she coaches you through the process of “taking off your old self ” by surrendering your personal worldview, wounds, wants, and will. It is in surrender that you experience the freedom and fulfillment of authentic Christianity. But the book doesn’t stop there! Once you have surrendered, you will develop intentional action steps that will help you to “put on the new self ” and lead you to more authentic living as an: • Ambassador of Christ • Advocate for the Church • Activist in the Community Action steps and exercises help to clarify your unique combination of personality, gifts, talents, passions, and values so that you can grasp a vision for your new life and ministry. This book can be used for small groups, as a tool in one-on-one discipleship, or as an independent study. It is a unique combination of self-assessment, discipleship, and coaching.

Retail Price: $16.99