Above and Beyond Heaven

ISBN: 978-1632694140
Author: Georgia Gorham-Brockman


We are all on a journey. The choice of destination is ours to make. God has not concealed the outcome of our decision. The price of the passage ticket back to God has been paid. The instructions have been given. The day of departure is unknown and the schedule could be amended at any time, but the reservations are secure. The destination for the elect is home-the Promise Land. God will soon call His people to the heavenly city-the dwelling place of God. Life here on earth is a spiritual pilgrimage preparing for what lies beyond – a whole world waiting to be explored with the Creator of the universe. Though the path is invisible to the eye, the way is strongly marked for those who trust the Lord. These Bible-based glimpses into the future can help one make an informed decision. The fulfillment of God’s promise is in the near future. Will you be ready at the time of departure?

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