A Rose Among the Ashes

ISBN: 9781632690821
Author: Debby Jones


Is nature’s garden the only place to gather roses? Not if you know where to look! A Rose Among the Ashes takes you on an enlightening journey toward understanding how “ashes” represent life’s trials-where “roses” are the blessings God brings and the heart’s “hearth” is where you search to find those roses. Discovering hope during times of crisis can seem like an overwhelming task, but Debby Jones has realized through her own walk of faith that this is just what you have to do in order to continue the journey. The Hearth of My Heart: That deep place within me that experiences all of life’s emotions and holds the “love fire” of God. Ashes: The pile of leftovers after my dreams or plans have “gone up in smoke.” Roses: Those blessings (or positive things) that can be found on the hearth after cleansing tears have diluted the ashes. Debby shares her heart and God’s truths in this poignant story that includes her husband’s devastating struggle with cancer and his ultimate home-going. Looking back through the “album pages of life,” she began to write about ashes and roses-crises and hope. She also helps the reader to understand the importance of finding that hope and how to take the first step. Walk with her as she encourages you to come to know intimately the One who has helped her discover the hope that fills her life.

Retail Price: $14.99