Sifted As Wheat

Adams, Rebecca
Free to Soar

Alia, Eileen
The Truth Is…

Anderson, Jack
Revelation and Other End Time Scriptures

Anderson, Trela
From Such Turn Away: Warnings Against Lesbianism

Arrowood, Hannah
Who Am I – Practical Truths in a Deceiving World

Barclay, Jim
Lessons for Parents From a Perfect Parent 

Barkes, Rosemary
The Dimentia Dance

Blake, Cornelius

Blanch, John
What if God Exists?

Blount, Nelson
The Man From Steamtown

Boerman, Daniel
The Flying Farmboy: A Michigan Memoir

Boll, Diane
From God’s Heart to Mine

Boomsma, Johanna
When Jack Met Jill: A Parable of Faith, Hope, and Love

Bradwell, Karen
Expect the Unexpected

Brennan, Stephen
The Mist Vanishes

Brown, Michael
Get Thine House in Order

Brown, Kym
He’s Driving Me Crazy

Brown, Rick
As It Is In Heaven

Brownhi, Vanderbilt
The Revelation of the Proverbs 31 Man

Brunner, Susan
Karen’s Secrets of the March of Life

Brunner, Susan
Sara’s Adventures

Burkhart, Darda
Forging Ahead for God

Christiano, Robert

Christman, Bill
Forgiving the Catholic Church

Ciresi, Candice
Eve Was Framed

Clouten, Keith
Journeys: Devotions for Travelers

Conlon, John
The Unthinkable Quest

Cowperthwaite, Rose
Daughters of Royalty

Crandall, Gary
Gold Under Fire

Dighton, Gaylon
Abigail’s Tale

Dighton, Gaylon
Lights Along the Shore

Dinkins, Zaziiz
I Am Still Here

Dobberpuhl, Delmar
The First Four Days

Dordal, Paul
The Great Commandment Leader

Drury, Jon
Lord, I Feel So Small

Eastman, Susan
The Hull with It

Edmonson, Charles
Golden’s Rule

Everhart, Gayle
Never the Same

Fitzpatrick, Kathie (katherin)
Angel Promises

Galasso, Daniel
A Leap of Faith – Into An Ongoing Adventure With God

Geisler, Robert
AFRPL History

Gorham-Brockman, Georgia
The Master Communicator

Gorham-Brockman, Georgia
Quest for the Abundant Life

Gorham-Brockman, Georgia
Above and Beyond Heaven

Grawehr, Mark
Such Precious Clay – Paperback

Grawehr, Mark
Such Precious Clay – Hardback

Gura, Daniel
God’s Avenger

Hager, David
From Relationship to Covenant

Harris, Debbie
Which Church Am I?

Harris, Tonny
Something to Think About as You Walk With Christ

Heermann, Gerald
God is In San Quentin

Heim, Tami
Becoming A Steward Leader

Heimbach, Daniel
Why Not Same Sex Marriage

Hettwer, Barbara
The Seamstress of Jamestown

Hildreth, Lewis

Hildreth, Lewis
Isaiah Saw the Glory of Jesus

Hovseth, Amanda
Perspective: A Dark Tale of Hope

Hutchison, Taryn
We Wait You

Jackson, Autumn
Beyond Tomorrow

Jensen, Kenyatta
Try Jesus: Begin Your Walk In Truth

Johnson, Annette
Hiding in Private Places

Johnson, Br
Simple Living in a Complex World

Johnson, Marlys
Embracing Grace

Johnson, Randy
While the Lambs Slept

Jones, Debby
A Rose Among the Ashes

Kattus, Kathleen
Why? A True WWII Saga of Dutch Resistance

Kelso, Scott
Let’s See What Sticks

King, James
Word of Promise

Kinton, Ken
Incarcerated: Politics and Discipleship from a Captive’s Perspective

Kirk, Melanie
The Bible’s Story: Saga of the Savior King

Kuhn, W
My Eyes, His Heart

Kuhn, W
Global Medical Missions, Preparation, Procedure, Practice 

Kuhn, W
Heal in Imitation of Christ

Lacroix, Jeffrey a.
Furnace of Truth

Landman, Nathan
Making Jewish Values Yours

Larry, Gloria
My Heart Will Go On

Lawson, Jayne
Reluctant Love

Lawson, Mark
Cracking the Book: How to Start Reading the Bible

Lee, Kyu
Letters from a Father to His Beloved Son

Lee, Antionette

Lester, Alan
Unending Hope for the Exhausted Addict

Lewis, Wanda
Our Prayers

Matte, Paul
To the Churches – Discovering the Truth of Our Spiritual Condition

Miller, Marcellus
Four Seasons of Verse

Miller, Ruth
Lessons from the Washing Machine

Morse, Paul
Conflicting Signs Confuse Sinners

Moynihan, Daniel
Change Agent

Mull, Donna
A Prayer Journey Through Deployment

Murphy, Richard

Newman, Philip T.
Hidden in Plain View: The Exegesis Gap

Niewold, Jack
Frail Web of Intention: A Spiritual Memoir

Oliver, Simone
From Grace to Grace

Olt, John
Camp Koinonia

Palm, Cliff and Brenda
Faith Builder Manual

Pankey, Sharon
Hidden Treasure

Puerto, Evelyn
Beyond the Rapids

Reid, Janel

Rieth, Alissa
Letters to God – A Journey Through Infertility

Rivera, Oriali
Codex One

Rivera, Oriali
Dark Is the Shadow

Robertson, Alan
Ten Guidelines for a Meaningful Life

Ross, Thomas
Passages, Poems, Prayers and Promises

Rountree, David
Baptism’s Beauty and Benefits

Salathe, Harriet
Keys to God’s Heart: Unlocking Leviticus

Saunders, Darlene
Life Lessons for Caregivers

Schaefer, Charles
The Great Evangelical Dilution

Schmidt, Roger
The Irish and the Blank Page

Shull, Marie
An Invitation to Die – A Woman’s Pursuit of Authentic Faith

Smith, Joseph
Islam: The Cloak of Anitchrist

Sommerfeld, Leila
Beyond the Bridge of Time

Stagg, Patricia
Sunshine on My Shoulder

Sutherland, Edith
The WHEE Factor

Thornton, Joy
Knowing God By Heart

Tofilon, Thomas T
Communicating Like Christ

Trachta, Laurie
Can the Sad Come Out?

Tucker, Terry
Salute-a Military Wife’s Poetic Allegiance to Faith, Family and Friends (Paperback)

Tucker, Terry
Salute-a Military Wife’s Poetic Allegiance to Faith, Family and Friends (Hardcover)

Turner, Jayne
Season of Change

Ude, Godwin
The Love Myth

Waters, Barbara
Prison Vision

White, Rebecca
Recapture. Finding Hope During a Famine of the Heart (Paperback)

White, Melissa
Someone’s Coming

White, Rebecca
Recapture, Finding Hope During a Famine of the Heart (Hardback)

Wilkinson, Bob
Journey From The Great Palace

Willett, Don
The Path: How to Understand and Experience Authentic Spiritual Growth

Williams, Phyllis
From Welfare to Faring Well Hang in There

Wilson, Lajean
The View From My Heart

Wilson, Shirley
Strength from the Psalms

Wingate, Ralph
That I May See Him

Wright, Monty
Sacred Space

Wyrick, Michael
A Miracle for Micah: Faith in God’s Plan

Wyrick, Michael
Ori’s Amazing Purpose

Zaki, Dr. Victor
Messages to my Children